Born in 1959 in Chicago Ill, Madison Mikel Weiss is an artist that emerged in the wake of the influence of illustrators and painters like Picasso, Peter Max and Edward Gorey. In the early 1980s, she was an illustrator/designer heavily influenced by Andy Warhol's Factory and the Advertising scenes in Los Angeles and New York.

At this time, she followed and admired the illustration of Jules Feiffer, and worked exclusively in Pen and Ink. Over the years, she expanded her mediums to include oils, acrylic, clay and found object sculpture. In 1998 Madison found herself refining her own visual and conceptual voice through the expression of emotions through painting. Since then her work has intertwined concepts of psychology and dreams, whimsical epiphanies, and a gentle transcendence into the exploration of the soul.

Madison's work can be found in myriad of private art collections both in the United States in Paris France, London, England and in Mexico. She now lives and works in Portland Oregon, and exhibits her paintings throughout the city. 

Madison works privately teaching art and has studied Art Therapy at the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy. She holds a bachelors in clinical Psychology, from Antioch University.

Artist Statement


My work is highly influenced by my fascination with the human psyche. Each painting tells a story that unravels to complete a message. I often write prose to go along with each piece, and I call them my "shadow stories.” They are derived from Jungian archetypes, and are reflective of the human condition and the balance between good and evil and what lies between.


What do I want to say with my art?

Celebrate being human, having frailties, making mistakes. Walk through your emotions with your head held high. Find the beauty that comes from digging deep and looking beyond your expectations. It’s ok to be afraid, its ok to explore and try things out. It’s ok to love and be loved. Be mindful, be present.